Reykjavik Distillery | ANGELICA PINK GIN
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About This Project

Angelica Pink is a Unique Icelandic Pink gin, distilled by 64┬░Reykjavik Distillery, the oldest Icelandic distillery. Rare selection of foraged Icelandic botanics is the magic behind Angelica gin, including: junipers, angelica, bilberries, rhubarb, crowberries, caraway and arctic thyme. For the natural flavor effect, this rare Pink gin is diluted from its original strength of 90%vol. to the desired 43%vol with pure addition of local berries such as redcurrant, bilberries, and strawberries. Without any coloring, aromas or preservatives. Just like it should be.

Angelica Pink gin is appreciated by advanced gin enthusiasts that desire the lingering and natural effect of local berries.

43% vol