Reykjavik Distillery | Cocktails
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64°juniper basil smash

30ml 64°Einiberja gin

3 basil leafs

15ml lime juice

15ml syrup

garnish with basil

64°Grand Rabarbara Fizz

25ml 64°Rhubarb liqueur

25ml Tripple sec

30ml Lemmon juice

45ml Goji juice

top up with club soda

Blue fire

30ml 64°Blueberry liqueur

30ml mezcal

25ml lime juice

garnish the brim of the glass with lava salt.

64°Reykjavik Fizz

45ml 64°Brennivín 43%

25ml Crowberry liqueur

15ml Lime juice

15ml Lemmon juice

1 eggwhite

25ml cream

shake first without ice, add the ice later and top with club soda

Icelandic Negroni

30ml 64°Rhubarb liqueur

30ml 64°Crowberry liqueur

30ml Angelica Gin

garnish thick slice of Orange