Reykjavik Distillery | Lundey original Icelandic blue gin
Lundey gin, is the original Icelandic blue gin. Enjoy the magic of Lundey, changing colour when your favourite tonic is added to Lundey gin.
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About This Project

Lundey island, named after the puffins who reside there, lies only 7km off the volcanic coast of Reykjavik in the great blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

Echoing the colour of the ocean, our Lundey Gin is bright blue until your favourite tonic turns it as pink as the flowers of Iceland’s treasured Arctic thyme.

This magical effect springs from the natural infusion of the Butterfly Pea flowers, bringing beautiful alchemy right into your glass.

Distilled and infused in Iceland by: 64°Reykjavik Distillery.

43% vol